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Ok so who are T4 –T5 Club UK?
T4 – T5 Club UK are quite simply the new kids on the block! as regards Volkswagen or Transporter websites, communities and forums, now two years on [2010] however we are rapidly increasing in terms of registered users and size, in many ways we are what Volkswagen communities are all about..... supplying, Fun FREE and Friendly areas for suitably interested Volkswagen owners to meet up, discuss and assist each other during both the good and bad times of ownership, we supply under the banner of T4 Club UK and T5 Club UK separate and co-joined areas for both sets of members viewing them broadly as one in the same, many T5 owners having been T4 owners previously, we recognise they to often have a wealth of information, ideas, and resources to pass on to up and coming owners/enthusiasts, by supplying separate areas to our main forum all packed full of interest to all, we have managed to cut down on the frustrating repetitive forum posts that drive us all crazy, having answered most if not all of these types of questions in open website pages, we have both an online and offline presence to this end a group of our members have just recently returned from a weekends, R/R in the Griezdale forest having all had a great time, it is planned to arrange many more such events in the coming season/s, our forum content is steady growing, with more and more content being added daily as members see others posting they to join in adding to both our post counts and actual information with-in, which is rigidly controlled so as to be able to be found by searchers, which also has the benefit of negating repeat posts, and last but far from least our "Shopping Mall” feature and the reason for you reading this FAQ section in the first place ! our "Shopping Mall" is an integral part of every page upon our website, forum and extended presence upon the internet, well quoted on search engines due to operating it under the domain which attracts a great amount of response from all types of Transporter owners, its sole purpose is to draw users to both our and our partners websites whilst offering totally FREE advertising to those companies willing to take up our periodic offers upon it, covering all aspects of Transporter ownership it will grow into a veritable directory of the "who is who" in the VW Transporter parts, conversion and accessories world, and that’s about, who and what we are other than to tell you with-in our first year of opening our figures overall have astounded both ourselves and our members, a fact we are delighted by, our membership is rising as are our overall website hits, our forums grow on a daily basis, we are without doubt the friendliest, non biast, happy, sociable community of its type currently available, where importantly everyone is equal, from the top right down, it really is no wonder then that we are rapidly becoming the UK’s favorite T4 – T5 Transporter Community – Website - Forum
So what exactly are we offering you?
What is on offer here is 1 full webpage to advertise your company, product or service to our rapidly growing membership, on top of open access to our "Shopping Mall" feature and certain parts of our website/s where every search engine will easily pick up your allocated pages from, adding more hits for your company in any search page, putting you automatically ahead of any not listed here, we are well ranked in most engines now, making such searches regularly return our pages well up the lists and always on the first page usually in the top half of the top 5, a place we are both proud of and work hard to maintain, which all means you get top class coverage for absolutely NOTHING… We are only offering this unique opportunity to certain companies that we have identified as leaders in their field or who offer excellent discounts & services or who have been personally recommended by either our users or other companies, already advertised here, all of whom will have been trading for a long time, who ideally we already have had dealings with, so can honestly appraise them personally, our aim is to build up an online directory of only the "Best Of The Best” suppliers in each sector and field so our members, friends and casual viewers have access to the best, safest and proven/reliable services or products, currently on the market for adapting, re-building or camping in their currently chosen T4 or T5 Transporter, by being a part in this project you will be both showing your support for our totally FREE website, Community and Forum concept whilst at the same time getting your companies message and products or services out to the wider Transporter audience absolutely FREE let’s not one else can offer such a deal....
Why Advertise Here?
Many companies and service providers mistakenly believe that the only advertising that is worth having is that which costs fortunes on TV, Radio and Magazines which is really simply not the case, getting down to grassroots level is a far better and more satisfying way of gaining more customers, there is no mistaking campaigns such as Coca-Cola’s "Christmas Is Coming” or PG Tips Monkey ads but as almost without exception most companies targeted here are no where even close to that type or size or have that type of advertsing budget, and thus are not financially able to advertise in this way, in any case we doubt very much if advertising it in this manner would help your companies turnover in the first place, what your company requires if you forgive me for saying, in our opinion having spent years analysing these types of issues in many other projects we have and are currently involved in is customer level advertising of your goods and services which means via communities such as this and via the numerous shows around the country each and every year, we have conclusively proven that by having your advertising where your customer is most likely to view it works very, very well in practice, and where do a vast majority of your new customers hang out regularly? Yip you got it right here! by nature, work commitments and time restraints most users have less and less time daily now to browse looking for products, services and such like, meaning they will most often use what is closest or most convenient, however with a bit of thought and placing these companies right in front of said customer they are far more likely to use one of them over any other supplier, thus giving your company here-in advertised first bite of that customiser or builders budget for parts and services.
[A small case study carried out for a friend concluded that by placing a very small white www. url only address on the front and rear windows of their ordinary runabout hatchback car brought an astounding 200% more hits to their website suitably named to give away what they did much like T4club does, that 200% translated into 24 new orders and that was only in a 1 month period]
Taking the mountain to Mohammed is what we believe in and what we will be practicing at T4 –T5 Club UK "Shopping Mall” using our www url volkswagen-transporter as its own personal url as of 1st next month [11/2010] we know for fact will bring in massive hits alone placing again any companies then onboard under the eye of all searches for Volkswagen or Transporter a very valuable asset we have at our disposal for use on this project, and one we are confident will work to bring all companies a far greater new customer rate..
We do not believe in charging for a service that costs us nothing to bring to our members or viewers.. A very simple philosophy exists here with-in the background to T4 –T5 Club UK whereby we strongly believe that information should always be freely available, as it is if you search hard enough on both the internet and in books, all forum content without exception really is placed there by its users FREE of charge, so why then would future users require to pay to access said information, we do not agree with this in any part! we operate this entire community, website and forum with absolutely no financial backing what so ever of any type, from Freely available internet resources and have conclusively proven time and again if time is available anything is possible, building up from a tiny few interested persons to a lively well used community, website and forum presence today, where our users are all equal, all happy, sociable and friendly willing to help where possible each other and not just in it like a great deal these days for what they can get out of it, our communities costing NOTHING to run means we can pass that saving on to you our member companies and place your advertising right where it can be seen, and not by annoying pop up’s which are barely viewed due to extensive use nowadays of blockers anyway, which completely defeats the entire purpose of said advertising, I am sure you would agree… We prefer the subtle approach where possible we add links to ads offered by our member companies to special offers, special products, or just plain good value, again putting in front of our core bank of users your product or service, ALL special offers will be from advertised via links in our shopping forum alerting our users to look at your page on "Shopping Mall” all in all offering one off value never seen on such communities…
Who can apply?
Simple! absolutely any company or individual who operates with-in the sectors or specialised services areas aimed at T4 –T5 owners/drivers, if your company let’s say, offers specialist tuning services to T5 owners or your product is specifically for a T4 Transporter, you may build kits, body modifications, tuning boxes, or offer full conversions as a specialist camper/motor home conversion company, in all these cases and many others we want to hear from you, we would also like to cover the accessory and camping markets to a degree with this project, as an ever growing group of owners tend to use their vehicles as weekend campers, or long haul motor homes these days, opening up several fields to advertise in from awning manufacturers, to camping gear suppliers, along with pop top & high top suppliers and fitters, the list is truly endless, in which we would like to cover as many avenues as is possible in this part of our community giving all companies a fare chance at obtaining TOTALLY FREE ADVERTISING In their sector of our "Shopping Mall” This is not a catch all campaign where your advertising will be placed in a simple line of text with your details, what we offer is a full colour page with-in our separate but co-joined feature we have named our "Shopping Mall” for obvious reasons it will allow your advertising to suit your needs as fancy or as basis as you would like, you decide! as you supply all materials, wording and links we use allowing you total control over what we use, an excellent area to showcase your companies "special offers" or a currently running campaigns aimed at Transporter owners, we place very few limits on what can be advertised….Simply put, you email to us what you want there and we put it there "Simplez" What other advertising medium is that flexible! [with repeated changes, offer details also totally free of charge].........We have proven without a shadow of a doubt that to offer "a special discount ONLY to our members" is an excellent way of gaining new and repeat customers. Our real advice would be to get in now before your competition does! as this is going to be a best of the best space is limited.... 
Is there any catches?
A very good question is there! let me think emmmm?…..I have thought now, and the resounding answer is NO there are no catch/s, nothing you have to do, other than work with us to supply your new customers with correct, eye grabbing information so as to make that prospective customer want to come to you, over your competition.
There are only two things we insist on; And neither will cost you anymore than a few minutes of your time…
1- That upon your own website/s you have a simple text link to either or to that of whichever is most relevant to your business activities, prior to being accepted. 
2- That you have an active membership to whichever community is again most relevant to your core business activities.
[both are simple to do, and FREE taking no more than a few minutes of your valuable time, and will send viewers and new members back to us, which in turn will supply you with more customers as these viewers start to read our customers reviews of your products, making it a truly win, win situation for us all, and yet again proving that not everything has to cost the earth… You as a trade member will of course be free to add content, information or comment as you feel necessary, we are always happy to welcome new members to our forums, or to comment on current forum posts, we believe in a very friendly and sociable approach which is extended to all members, we would as soon as your membership is verified be happy to welcome you to our Introduction forum initially, and then any other you feel suits your knowledge or commitments.
Note please however NO DIRECT ADVERTISING is allowed in our open forums, you are however allowed to place your www url as your signature if you wish, in order to stay with-in our current rules & regs of which we only have a few common sense ones anyway …. 
How do you get involved? That is the easiest part of all, detailed in 4 easy steps below:
1- Join up to our Free community at or [whichever is most relevant to you as either an owner or company involved in..]
2- Have installed ready on whichever page upon your website you choose our banner - below - preferably your front page or on a relevant page to the vehicle either one of our URLS or and if you also want to add feel free to do so, [the later will help search engines fine your pages if T4 or T5 relevant]
3- Decide what you want upon your page with-in our "Shopping Mall” feature, most go for a selection from their current company website/s, others go for using it to advertise monthly, bi-monthly or general special offers, the more informative or discounting offered, the more we are sure it would be used…[Vehicle sellers, are free to have up to 6 single ads in an month as they require, changed as often as required to suit demand]
4- Having decided on effectively the equivalent of 2 X A4 page, of information e-mail said page off to us HERE headed your company & "Shopping Mall" where upon it will be read over and added if meeting with all requirements there and then.. Provided that any advertising sent complies with our few common sense rules for placing on our "Shopping Mall” your advertising would normally be live inside 48hrs and viewable in 72 [excepting holiday times]...
Our Banner to use at all times when linking to or from us:
"The UK's Favorite T4 -T5 Community Website & Forum For VW Transporters"
T4 -T5 Club UK "Shopping Mall"
One Stop VW Transporter shopping


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